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Grounding yourself in the Zero Gravity Position

April 16, 2018
Earthing while using a zero gravity chair indoors or out

As you can read in my last post about the benefits of earthing I have recently found that earthing (or grounding) myself has really helped with my back pain and stress.

However one thing that doesn’t really go hand in hand with grounding is the zero gravity position.

If you are outdoors sitting on your zero gravity recliner, the chances are you have your feet elevated.

After all why use a zero gravity chair if you are simply going to use it in the upright position? You may as well use a regular garden chair.

Since your feet are raised you are obviously not in direct contact with the earth, however with the use of grounding or earthing apparatus you can get the best of both worlds.

Whether you use an outdoor zero gravity chair in the garden or an indoor zero gravity chair or massage chair in your home, you can still receive the great benefits that grounding oneself can bring.


Using a grounding product outdoors

If you are fairly active throughout the days spent relaxing outdoors, using a grounding product may not be necessary.

Landkissing grounding mat and wrist band set

Landkissing grounding mat and wrist band set

Taking regular breaks from your zero gravity chair to walk around barefoot on the ground will provide ample opportunity to earth yourself effectively.

However, if you prefer to just sit back in your zero gravity recliner and relax in the sun, there are some excellent products that allow you to ground yourself while doing so.

This grounding kit from the brand Landkissing is a great package in my opinion. As you can see in the image to the right it comes with a pair of grounding wristbands which are ideal for grounding oneself when in a zero gravity chair.

Grounding products come complete with a cord that plugs in to the lower (earth) socket on an wall plug socket.

Generally these included cords are around 5 meters / 16 feet in length, therefore use of an extension cable may be necessary.



Tylson outdoor grounding rod

Tylson outdoor grounding rod

Another option however, would be using a grounding product with a grounding rod that plugs directly into the earth like this one from Tylson.

This ground rod is also able to provide an additional 45′ extension onto your earthing products cord.

Some buyers have even stated that plugging in their earthing product into the earth as oppose to a plug socket has provided them with far more noticeable health benefits and an even better nights sleep.

Due to the long extension cable that is included with the copper rod, you can also use it when earthing in your home as it can easily be set up running through a slightly opened window.

One thing to note is that the rod should be placed in moist ground for a more effective connection.


Using grounding products on an indoor zero gravity chair

Grounding yourself on a zero gravity chair indoors, on a bed or even a zero gravity bed wedge system, is generally quite straightforward.

It may however be a slightly more costly depending on what option you choose.

The first option is the most cost effective. It is once again the Landkissing grounding set that has already been mentioned above.

The Landkissing grounding set is great for indoor and outdoor use and is very versatile.

You can use the grounding mats on the floor or on a desk, for example under a computer keyboard. Unfortunately though they are not really durable enough to use on a zero gravity chair consistently.

The wrist bands however are very suitable for use with an indoor zero gravity chair.

If you are looking for an even more effortless solution, you may prefer a durable grounding mat especially for use on a chair.

As you can see in the picture to the right using a grounding mat of this size on an indoor zero gravity chair is ideal.

All you need to do is simply drape the mat over your gravity recliner and plug it into the earth outlet in a power socket. Then sit back and relax.

You can view the chair earthing mat in further detail here at Amazon. You can also view a earthing mat designed for a bed from the same manufacturer.


Find out more about earthing

If you would like to find out more about earthing (grounding) yourself, you may wish to take a look at some of my other blog posts where I have written about it.

The first post, details my initial experience and introduction to earthing, it also shows how skeptical I was at first.

The second post highlights many of the health benefits that can be gained from earthing on a regular basis. It also takes a look at how effective I have found regular earthing to be in combating my back pain issues and stress.

I would also recommend having a look on YouTube for some excellent documentaries about earthing. This short clip is a great place to get started, especially if you are a little skeptical as I once was.

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