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If you are looking for the perfect way to relax in your home, yard or on vacation. A stress free zero gravity chair is a perfect option to consider for great comfort. It may also be a benefit to your health.

Zero gravity recliners aid your spine by relieving the pressure placed upon it. They also help with easing any tension you may have in your muscles.

Getting the best zero gravity recliner for you is not only a relaxing way to rest in the summer sun. It may also be a great benefit for your body even when sat in front of the television. It can also help provide a highly relaxing and healthy experience.

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The Zero Gravity Position

At My Zero Gravity Chair you can view all of the best zero gravity recliners in our shop area. We feature a wide choice of indoor and outdoor zero gravity recliners to buy. All available to purchase in the United States.

Within the shop area you can easily view each anti gravity recliner in their respective categories. Whether you are looking for an indoor zero gravity chair or an outdoor zero gravity patio chair.

If you are looking for a zero gravity outdoor chair with a sun canopy. Or after a zero gravity leather recliner for your living room. You can easily find the right indoor or outdoor reclining chairs with zero gravity positioning here.

Shop for all kinds of outdoor zero gravity chairs. Including zero gravity recliners and orbital loungers perfect for relaxation outside in the summer. You will find single folding outdoor chairs and sets of 2 patio recliner chairs. You can also find extra large, over-sized and even double zero gravity chairs suitable for 2 people at once! In a range of color variations.

Looking for an indoor anti gravity lounge chair? No problem! We have a wide range of indoor zero gravity chairs and recliners. As well as Zero Gravity Massage Chairs, for those who want to really take relaxation to the next level.

Many of the anti gravity chairs listed on our site are on sale and available at very competitive prices. We have a wide variety of some of the best zero gravity recliners. All from a range of high quality brands, including Bliss Hammocks, Caravan Canopy and Faulkner.

You will also find information on this site about other items we use to help with back pain, such as inversion tables and earthing mats!

Want to find the Best Zero Gravity Recliner in each Category?

We aim to provide a great wealth of information. And our detailed buyers guides and articles from the members of our team are a great place to start.

Using our guides. You can learn about what features to look for and what the top brands are. Helping you to find the best zero gravity chair for you.

In our guides you can take a look at our zero gravity recliner reviews. We have numerous detailed zero gravity chair buyer guides, for each type of zero gravity recliner featured on our site.

Are you are looking for an affordable zero gravity chair? Check out the best cheap zero gravity chair buyers guide which features all of the recommended cheap zero gravity chairs. This guide also includes sets of  two zero gravity recliners and low priced extra large gravity recliners for the outdoors.

We highlight what we consider to be the best zero gravity recliner chairs around. As well as all of the most popular chairs available so that you don’t have to. You can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of each indoor lounge gravity chair or anti gravity patio recliner.

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We hope to provide you with a balanced opinion of each of the chairs listed. Provided in full product descriptions. We also feature buyer reviews of each anti gravity recliner listed. Allowing you to see the opinions of others that have purchased the same chair.

To make your life as easy as possible while browsing the site. We have added an option to view only the top rated anti gravity chairs in each category. You can easily separate the chairs that have outstanding reviews from those where opinions are more mixed!

Our main aim is to ensure that you get the best zero gravity chair for your needs. Whether you are looking for a top rated oversized zero gravity chair. We have a wide range of the best zero gravity recliners around.

In order for the chair to be classed as a top rated anti gravity chair. It must have an editors rating of more than 4 out of 5.

Even if a gravity recliner is not classed as top rated. You can be guaranteed it will still have above average reviews. It will also be considered a worthwhile anti gravity chair by our editor.

You can also check the reviews tab on each product. Which will provide an up to date and accurate consumer rating. Along with each individuals comment on what they either love, or dislike about the chair.

We recommend that you read the reviews provided before you decide on your ideal zero gravity chair recliner. Although everyone’s opinions do vary, they are a great way to decide whether the chair will be a good fit for you.

To purchase any of the zero gravity chairs listed on our site simply click on the Visit Retailer button and you will be taken to a stockist to complete your purchase. If any chairs are out of stock please check back regularly as it is often only temporary.

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My Zero Gravity Chair was created by back pain sufferers. We are always trying out and writing articles about different methods in an attempt to ease the pain.

In our blog area you can read articles not only about zero gravity recliner chairs. But also learn more about other ideas and products we have used such as inversion tables. As well as the use of grounding or earthing and zero gravity bed wedge systems.

We have gone to great effort to display some of the best zero gravity chairs available to buy online. However, if you would like a little more insight before deciding on a chair. You can also view some of our zero gravity recliner reviews in our blog area!

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A Guide to Zero Gravity Chairs

Want to find out more?

Perhaps you already know all about the zero gravity chair or are buying a replacement? If so, head on over to the shop area to find a wide range of antigravity recliners for any setting.

If you are new to the world of zero gravity reclining. You may find some of our information and guides below can help you get a fuller understanding. They may also help you decide on whether a zero gravity recliner is the right choice for you.

What is an Anti Gravity Chair? – If you are new to the world of zero gravity recliners you can learn more here. Find out what is a gravity chair and why are they named in this way.

The Zero Gravity Position. – Learn more about the NASA developed zero gravity position that has now been implemented into everyday living.

Healthy Benefits from using a Zero Gravity Chair. – Learn more about all of the health benefits that make Zero Gravity Chairs a great choice of furniture.

Zero Gravity Chair Buying Considerations. – A short guide on a few things you may wish to take into consideration, before buying a gravity chair.

Antigravity Chair Reviews and Blog. – We are always adding to this area updating it with reviews of the best zero gravity recliner chairs around. Find out all the pros and cons of a specific chair, or view the best selling chairs list for a good idea of the most popular gravity chairs available. You can also read about other ideas and products we have used in an attempt to help with back pain.

Zero Gravity Chair Comparison – A comparison table of some of the top rated chairs in each category. Each table is based on the ratings of those that have bought the same chair. This is a quick and easy tool to use to quickly see some of the top products around.

What is an Anti Gravity Chair/Zero Gravity chair?

Astronaut illustration

The zero gravity positioning found on zero gravity chairs originated from NASA

Utilizing the same anti-gravity technology initially developed by NASA for astronauts. The 0 gravity chair mimics the position that an astronaut reclines into during take-off.

Distributing the weight evenly across the whole of the chair. The position allowed the astronauts to better withstand the forceful increase in gravity when leaving the Earth’s gravitational pull. While putting less stress onto their bodies.

By assuming this reclined position the astronaut can distribute the stress of lift off, across their whole body. In a safe manner.

An antigravity chair mimics this position of an astronaut in the lift off position.

The chair lifts the user’s legs into an elevated position. With the knees higher than or equal to the heart. This takes pressure off the spine and can allow for increased circulation throughout the body. It can also give the user virtually weightless feeling when reclined.

Zero gravity reclining chairs have now been manufactured to feature anywhere in the home. And there are variations available for use both indoors or out in the garden or on the patio.

The majority of gravity chairs can be either manually or automatically adjusted to conform to the user’s preference. This makes them highly customizable pieces of furniture that are great for relaxation.

A zero gravity recliner is designed with only the user’s comfort In mind. They allow anyone who may be using them to sit in a number of positions while providing great support and comfort.

A full range of positions are possible on a zero gravity chair, from reclining through to sitting upright.

Many anti-gravity chairs have numerous features that are adjustable to assist the user’s relaxation.

Many feature removable and adjustable headrests that can double as lumbar support if needed.

Most can also be locked into position and are easily adjustable and with the use of levers and buttons. This allows the chair to stay in a fixed recline position, when a preferable angle is found by the user.

Zero gravity chairs are also great choice of chair for environments outside of the home, including offices and studios. They are even a good choice to use in reflexology centers since they can provide such high levels of relaxation.

Zero gravity chairs are available in a range of styles and a variety of prices. Gravity recliners can also go by a number of different names such as an anti gravity chair,  a 0 g chair, a no gravity chair or a gravity free chair.

The cheapest option for zero gravity relaxation is an outdoor zero gravity chair. Outdoor zero gravity recliners are manually operated by simply sitting in them and reclining.

Many of the outdoor anti-gravity chairs are lockable into a number of positions and are made from durable and weather resistant materials. They are also the cheapest zero gravity recliner chairs available.

You can also find a variety of outdoor zero gravity patio recliners in extra large variations. Also double width variants are available that can hold two people simultaneously.

Although the cheaper zero gravity chairs can be used indoors or out. There are a few more stylish options available for use indoors, around the home.

Many indoor zero gravity chairs are massage chairs. They can be finely adjusted to give the user a full body massage with just a touch of a button. Indoor zero gravity chairs are often designed to feature as a primary lounge chair. They are generally very good looking and stylishly upholstered for extra comfort.

Many indoor zero gravity chairs feature wooden armrests and legs. Showcasing a classical design which allows them to fit seamlessly into any room.

Indoor zero gravity chairs are more expensive than outdoor chairs, prices generally start at around $1000.

The Zero Gravity Position

While in a vertical seated position or when standing up. Gravity places force upon the spinal column causing the discs in your backbone to compress. This is known as Spinal Compression.

This makes the spinal muscles contract in order to assist you in preserving balance and stability. For anyone who suffers from back pain or discomfort, this is often particularly unpleasant and in some cases debilitating.

Whenever gravity is neutralized the muscles are able to relax. Allowing the spinal discs to return to their regular shape, size and configuration. This can Alleviate irritation as well as any pain or discomfort.

Sitting in the Zero Gravity Position is an ideal way to neutralize the effects of gravity.

Gravity is neutralized through aligning the body’s core with the thighs. While lifting the legs so that the knees are higher than or to a similar level of the position of your heart. This creates a 120 – 130 degree angular position between the mid-section and the thighs, helping to achieve correct spinal alignment.

With the absence of gravity, the spine no longer needs to compensate or fight the effects of gravity. Allowing the spinal column to decompress and the discs to return to their regular alignment and shape.

When gravity is reduced. The amount of stress and pressure being put upon the back and torso is also reduced. Allowing for more restful relaxation. As well as a number of other health benefits that aid your body’s well being.

Spinal compression is also one of the main reasons why the use of an inversion table on a regular basis, is worthwhile for many who suffer from back pain.

Since spinal compression is one of the more common causes of back pain. Using an inversion table is also a good way to reverse the forces of gravity.

The inversion process also allows the forces of gravity to work in your favor. Rather than just neutralize them by utilizing the zero gravity position.

If you are interested in inversion therapy or inversion tables. You can take a look at our comprehensive guide to inversion therapy here.

Why is it named the zero gravity position?

The idea of the zero gravity position first originated with NASA over 20 years ago. NASA’s scientists developed the technology initially to aid astronauts during take-off. With the view to reduce as much stress and pressure as possible on the skeletal system.

The position is also the natural position into which the body moves when experiencing floating in microgravity conditions. Such as those experienced when in a spacecraft in orbit.

In searching for the optimal position that an astronaut should assume during liftoff. Tests found that ideally the astronaut should be reclined into a position where their legs were elevated. When a 120 – 130 degree angle between the astronauts abdomen and thighs was present. It significantly lessened the amount of pressure exerted upon their bodies.

This allowed the astronauts to better deal with the significant increase in force. That is experienced while leaving the earth’s atmosphere.

While leaving the earth’s gravitational pull the reclined position was ideal, to position the astronaut in a more suitable manner. In which they could distribute their weight evenly across their whole body.

The zero gravity position alleviated the significant increase in stress caused by the extreme speed and reduced the amount of compressive force put upon the spinal column from the excessive velocity of the lift-off.

Image by NASA – from web page here, Public Domain, Wikimedia

The Neutral Body Posture NASA diagram
The Neutral Body Posture

The Zero Gravity Position and the Benefits

Due to the relaxing, stress free nature of the position. The Zero Gravity Position has now been integrated into everyday living. In the form of a number of affordable patio furniture products. As well as a number of indoor zero gravity lounge chairs.

Allowing anyone access to healthy and rested relaxation whenever it is needed.

The combination of raising your knees above (or to the same levels as) the heart. And the even distribution of weight throughout the chair. Makes a zero gravity recliner a very ergonomic choice of chair to use in the home or garden.

It is also believed that being seated in this position may help improve or relieve certain health issues.

The zero gravity position is regularly promoted by medical experts. It is often recommended for those with heart problems since it promotes circulation. It can also reduce the strain put onto the heart and spine.

We would however suggest, if you do suffer from heart problems and are considering using a zero gravity chair. That you consult your doctor before purchase. To find out their opinion, if the zero gravity position may be beneficial to you.

We would also suggest you speak with your doctor if you suffer from a bad back or any other health issues, before trying a zero gravity chair. Just to be on the safe side.

The Zero Gravity Position


Some of the key health benefits that may be improved using zero gravity reclining chairs are:

  • Reduction of Pressure upon the spine
  • Increased blood oxygen levels & circulation
  • Reduction of strain on the heart
  • Increased lung capacity and improved respiration
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Increased neck and back relaxation
  • Reduction in joint pressure
  • Improved Circulation in the legs reducing swelling
  • Prevention of conditions such as varicose veins

Read more about some of the health benefits of the zero gravity position in the section below.

Zero Gravity Chair Health Benefits

When compared to many of the different types of outdoor and indoor furniture out there. An ergonomic zero gravity chair is a great choice.

Zero gravity chairs are not only comfortable and pleasurable to sit in. The chairs are also renowned for their ability to potentially help improve certain health aspects.

Take a look below at some of the health benefits that may be improved using zero gravity relaxation.

Please note: Although the use of a zero gravity chair may be highly beneficial to anyone that suffers from back pain. If you have had any surgery upon your back you should consult your physician before using an anti-gravity chair.

As with all ergonomically designed furniture. A zero gravity chair must be accurately altered in order to be efficient and advantageous.

Also if you suffer from any other medical conditions. It is advised that you speak to your doctor first to see if a zero gravity chair is a good choice for you.

At My Zero Gravity Chairs we are not medical professionals. The content on this website is informational and should not be used in place of professional medical advice.

It is also worth noting that since health problems vary a great deal from person to person. Using an anti gravity chair may help ease or relieve one individuals health issues, however it may not be a benefit to everyone.

You should also remember to be fairly realistic with your expectations, while many (including ourselves) have found using a no gravity recliner a relaxing and beneficial way to relax. Do not expect any miraculous changes in your health, particularly if you have any pre-diagnosed health problems.

Much like when using an inversion table, a zero gravity recliner is likely to only provide temporary relief. It is highly unlikely that using a gravity chair will completely rid you of any health issues you may have.

Reduction of Pressure upon the spine

The first and most well-known health benefit of the chair, is the alleviation of pressure put upon the spine.

It is clear that after a long day of standing up or sitting in an upright position, that the effects of gravity really can take their toll. Compressing the discs of your spinal column. This can lead to back and muscle pain as you attempt to counteract the force of gravity.

Surprisingly many standard mattresses are unable to conform to your body shape, even when lead flat on a bed. There are areas of your body that are still subjected to pressure.

When using a zero gravity recliner your body is perfectly cradled into a position that distributes your weight evenly across your body. This then helps your spine to achieve its correct alignment.

Once in the zero gravity position the compression of the spine and vertebrae is reduced.

Neutralizing the gravitational pressure leads to a neutral body position. Allowing the discs of the spinal column to recover back to their regular shape and size.

Increasing of blood oxygen levels & circulation, helping reduce the strain on the heartBrain & heart characters

When you are in a standing or upright position. The heart is always working harder since it is fighting against gravity, in an effort to pump blood back to the heart from your lower body.

In the zero gravity position your heart is able to pump blood more effortlessly. Especially from the legs that are in a raised position. With the knees at a level higher than the heart in a more horizontal body position.

Oxygenated blood is working with the force of gravity rather than against it. Allowing it to flow more quickly and efficiently thanks to the increased circulation.


Increased lung capacity and improved respiration

The zero gravity reclined position allows pressure upon the spine to be eased. This in turn, allows the lungs to become fully expandable. As they are giving more space due to the decrease in pressure put upon the diaphragm.

As previously mentioned, this allows the blood to oxygenate with less effort. And over time can increase the functionality of the lungs.

Businesswoman with lower back pain from sitting on office chair

Decreased muscle tension

Throughout the day no matter what we are doing gravity puts pressure upon our lower back. Even when sat upright at a desk or when slumped on the sofa.

When upright, the muscles around the spine are always active. To compensate for the compression of the spine. Working and adjusting in order to keep you balanced.

When in the neutral body posture that zero gravity chairs provide. The muscles are freed from the pressure of everyday tasks. This allows them to relax completely. Helping to allow for the oxygen rich blood to rejuvenate them.


Increased neck and back relaxation

Divided into three regions the spine naturally has an “S” shaped curve. However this can soon turn into more of a “C” shape over time. Especially when sat at a desk for long periods throughout the day.

A zero gravity chair is designed to support the natural curvature of the spine. Removing the pressure from the lower and upper back as well as the neck.

When the spine is placed in a neutral position, it frees the back and neck from pain and tension. Since the forces of gravity no longer have any affect upon it.


Other health benefits of the zero gravity position include:

  • Reduction in joint pressure
  • Promotes Circulation in the legs helping to reducing swelling
  • Help in prevention of conditions such as varicose veins

Zero Gravity Chair Buyers Guide – Things to consider before making a purchase

Once you have decided that a zero gravity chair is just what you need to relax. You may be having a little trouble in deciding from the vast number of options available to you.

Lets take a quick look at some of the main things you may wish to consider. Before you make that all important decision.

This is only a brief check list of things to consider when you buy a zero gravity chair. If you would like a more in-depth overview, take a look at our best zero gravity chair buyers guides here. In each of these buyers guides you can take a look at all of the best zero gravity chairs. And view recommendations from each type of zero gravity chair category that we have listed.

In addition to our recommended chairs. We will also give you extra information on why each type of chair may be a more preferable choice to consider over other variations. We have also included extra information and things to consider before buying a zero gravity chair. Including what problems you may have to consider when opting for certain gravity recliners.

Where will you use your chair?

Are you looking for a cheap, quick and easy chair to use in the yard or on the patio? Or are you going to be reclining in your living room at home?

While you could of course use an outdoor zero gravity patio chair in your home. Some may prefer a piece of furniture that looks more suitable in a living area or study. The one downside to many indoor zero gravity chairs is that some of them are rather bulky. Unlike outdoor chairs they are often not very easy to move around.

The upside of these chairs is of course the extra comfort provided and their highly stylish design. As well as the added features they often come with such as massage and heat functions.

If you are solely looking for an outdoor zero gravity chair then there are loads to choose from in many colors. Many chairs of this variety are very similar, differing mainly in quality and comfort. Although some do come with an added side table or canopy for protecting your face from the sun.

You can get a good idea of how comfortable and well made the chairs are by reading other buyers reviews.

The great thing about regular zero gravity recliners is they are highly portable. Meaning they can be used anywhere and are not just limited to use in the yard. Many of the outdoor recliners will easily fit into the trunk of a car. So you can take them camping, on vacation or to a friends house.


How much are you prepared to spend on a chair?

Many of the best outdoor zero gravity recliners are very affordable. Although depending on the make or model and the size of the chair the price can vary somewhat.

In some cases certain larger models are slightly more expensive. However, it is unlikely you are going to pay more than a few hundred dollars. Even for a top quality outdoor zero gravity recliner chair.

Even if you opt for an XL, oversized patio recliner chair. Or set of 2 anti gravity chairs it is unlikely in most cases that you will spend in excess of a couple of hundred dollars. Generally outdoor anti gravity chairs are able to be replaced every few years. Without putting a huge dent in your wallet, should natural wear and tear take effect.

For an indoor zero gravity chair the price is often in excess of $1000 for a standard chair. Also depending on the number of features the chair has this can go up to a few thousand dollars. Especially for a technology filled top of the line zero gravity massage chair with full zero gravity massage positioning.

While the price may seem a lot to some. These chairs are a great option if you want to have your own personal masseuse on call 24/7.

Shape and Size

If you are on the larger or tall side. A standard recliner may not be the best option for you. However, manufactures have now made many of their standard chairs into extra large and oversized zero gravity chair models.

On average the standard variation of the zero gravity chair can hold up to around 300 lbs. XL variations of the chair are often able to hold up to around 50 lbs more weight. They also feature a wider seat area.

As we always suggest, make sure you read our product descriptions and the zero gravity chair reviews. Also be sure to also check the dimensions of the chair. The gravity chair reviews are a great way to see what other larger people have said about the chair you are considering buying.

When it comes to the zero gravity massage chairs, body size and weight are not really an issue. Zero G massage chairs often feature body scan technology. allowing the chair to adjust to the users body shape.

Zero gravity massage chairs are also far more robust than the patio chairs. Massage chairs often feature a larger weight capacity also.

Thank You!

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you have found the information provided useful and insightful.

We are always adding to our website so be sure to check back from time to time.

We hope you now have the knowledge to confirm if a zero gravity chair is a good choice for you. If you have bought a zero gravity recliner via our website we hope it provides you with many relaxing experiences.

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