Padded Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair Roundup

If you have come here via our page dedicated to padded zero gravity recliners for the outdoors, you will have already seen our quick guide of recommended padded zero gravity chairs.

Below you will find out the reasons why each of the particular padded zero gravity recliners listed in the quick guide are considered some of the best available.

Since padded outdoor zero gravity chairs are becoming increasingly popular there may be newly released padded chairs that do not feature below that are also very good choices.

If you happen to find a very well rated padded zero gravity chair that is not listed below, the chances are it was not available when this list was compiled.

So why opt for a Padded Zero Gravity Chair?

If you love spending time outdoors relaxing in the sun you are going to want a zero gravity recliner chair with high levels of comfort.

Although many of the Textiline material style of zero gravity chairs provide very good comfort overall, a padded zero gravity chair is probably a much better option for long relaxation periods.

Simply taking a look at the buyer reviews on some of the chairs listed below will soon highlight to you, just how comfortable padded recliners can be in comparison to regular gravity recliners!

Another great reason to choose a padded outdoor zero gravity recliner is because of how stylish they look.

Lets be honest, Textiline zero gravity chairs generally look great outdoors but generally look a little cheap, especially when used in an indoor setting.

Many padded zero gravity recliners on the other hand look really stylish and look a lot more at home when used in an indoor setting.

*Please note, all of the chairs below are branded as outdoor zero gravity chairs. If you are looking for furniture style zero gravity recliners for the indoors you can view them here.

How much do padded zero gravity chairs cost?

Almost every XL padded zero gravity chair falls into the price bracket of around $80 – $300.

Cheaper models such as the Faulkner range are a great choice if you are on a tighter budget.

Where as the more expensive brands like Lafuma generally have thicker padding, making them a good option if you are looking for a really comfortable and high quality padded recliner.

Generally speaking the majority of padded zero gravity chairs below cost around $120 and many of the best rated and most popular padded oversized zero gravity chairs fall into this price bracket.

This makes padded XL zero gravity chairs very good value. Especially considering the prices of some of the very basic Textiline style zero gravity chairs available.

Shelling out a little more for a better quality padded zero gravity chair for many seems like a wise decision that is certainly value for money.

You will often notice in the buyer reviews that padded zero gravity chairs are praised for their good design and high quality.

It is also often mentioned how durable and long lasting they appear. If you are looking for an outdoor zero gravity chair, a padded recliner is certainly something you should consider.

Oversized or Standard Size?

Since there are a fair few models of outdoor padded zero gravity chairs to choose from, you need not worry if you are after an extra large or extra wide padded recliner.

You will also see below that some of the best options are oversized zero gravity chairs.

Even if you do not need an extra large zero gravity chair you may find that some of the oversized variations are still a good choice for you.

As you can see in many of the reviews for some of the extra large options (such as the Timber Ridge recliners) there are many smaller users stating that the wider seating area suited them perfectly and that they did not feel dwarfed by opting for a larger chair.

Each chair featured below has a link to its product page, where you can find the chairs specs such as dimensions.

Before deciding on a purchase you may wish to get a tape measure and see if an oversized padded chair is a suitably sized option for you.

Best Padded Zero Gravity Chairs for the Outdoors

Quick price guide:

  • $ – Usually available for under $100
  • $$ – Usually available for $100 – $150
  • $$$ – Usually available for over $150

You can view the actual price of each chair by clicking on the link below each option. Since the prices of each chair fluctuate from time to time we are unable to state the current price on this page.

Recommended Padded Zero Gravity Chairs

The Timber Ridge oversized padded zero gravity chair is one we often recommend if you are looking for a XL zero gravity chair.

The chairs high popularity and very good ratings, in addition to its very fair price tag, make it an obvious choice as one of the best padded zero gravity chairs currently available.

The large seating area and 350 lbs maximum weight capacity make this an excellent choice for large and taller users.

One of the main compliments this zero gravity chair receives, is from buyers who are very impressed by the zero gravity positioning functionality. Something which is not true for many other recliner chairs for the garden where buyers are often unsatisfied by the recline ability.

The Timber Ridge zero gravity chair comes in two color options, you can view the Earth option here and the blue option here as well as check the current price.

Overall this recliner is an affordable option that many love. The chair looks great and provides excellent support, comfort and functionality.

The high buyer ratings are also a strong signal as to how good this padded zero gravity chair is.

Check out the buyer reviews and further information and specs for this recliner on our product pages.








The Luckyberry oversized padded zero gravity chair is one of the widest zero gravity chairs around and features a huge 23.2 inch seating area (between the two armrests).

While the width of the seating fabric between the two armrest measures 21.5″.

If width is what you are after the Luckyberry gravity recliner really is an outstanding choice and in addition to its large size it can also hold up to 350 lbs.

As you can see in the images below it can even fit two people on it at the same time, although this doesn’t seem like the most comfortable way to use the chair.

Due to the large size of this zero gravity chair it is not as lightweight as other outdoor zero gravity recliners and like the Timber Ridge chair above it weighs around 25 lbs.

It does however fold down to around 5.9″ and has folded dimensions of 39.9 x 35.4 x 5.9″ (W x L x D) making it compact enough for storage and transportation.

This good looking padded zero gravity chairs comes in two color schemes that both look very stylish.

You can choose either the brown and black or grey and black variation on visiting the retailer.

At the retailer you can also have a look at many of the positive reviews the Luckyberry padded zero gravity chair has received from satisfied buyers.

The main point mentioned by buyers are of course the great size of this chair and its well built design. The comfortable pad is also complemented a great deal.

Many also love how stylish the chair looks and love the quality.

Overall the Luckyberry padded XL zero gravity chair has a very similar design to the padded Timber Ridge zero gravity chairs. And both are very good options for larger and smaller users in need of a comfortable padded chair.

  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Price approx: $$








The Lafuma Futura Air Comfort is quite clearly one of the most padded outdoor zero gravity chairs on the market.

It is also very well constructed and high in quality as you would expect from any zero gravity chair from the Lafuma range.

The one downside is however, with Lafuma zero gravity chairs is their high cost.

The very well padded seat of this zero gravity recliner is triple padded for excellent comfort. As you can see in the image to the right no other padded zero gravity chair for the outdoors provides a more comfortable pad.

Another great feature on this Lafuma zero gravity chair is the Lafuma patented clip system which attaches the seat to the frame.

This clip system allows for easy removal of the padded seat and provides firmer comfort and better support compared to bungee style suspension zero gravity chairs.

As you may already know Lafuma zero gravity chairs are always considered to be very high in quality.

However there is often a debate as to whether their zero gravity chairs are worth the extra cost.

Although due to the longevity of Lafuma zero gravity chairs many feel they are quite good value in the long run.

And due to the uniqueness of this particular chair and the comfort provided by it, the price is fairly justifiable.

One last great design feature of the Lafuma range is their weight. This chair despite its bulky look, only weighs around 18.5 lbs making it a fairly lightweight option.

As with most Lafuma gravity recliners buyer reviews are a little low in number for this chair, however the majority of reviewers have given very high ratings! You can see all the reviews on the product pages by following the links below.

Lafuma LFM3120-6893 Futura Air Comfort Recliner – Bordeaux Red

Lafuma LFM3120-6893 Futura Air Comfort Recliner – Coral Blue

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Price: $$$

This is another really nice padded extra large sized zero gravity chair from the brand Timber Ridge.

Much like the Timber Ridge chair featured above, this chair has received some very good reviews and looks very stylish.

The wide 20″ seat on this padded recliner combined with the 350 lbs weight capacity make this chair a great choice for users of all different sizes.

Also as with other gravity chairs from the Timber Ridge range this chair has very good zero gravity positioning, reclining back to a pretty satisfying angle.

Users love the thin layer of padding on this chair and are very happy with the comfort provided.

They also love how strong and sturdy the design is.

In our opinion this is one of the best looking padded outdoor gravity recliners featured on this page. The two tone style fabric really stands out and makes this a very classy looking outdoor chair, that wouldn’t look out of place even if used indoors. There are also many other color combinations to choose from.

Also included with this chair is a side tray that can be conveniently folded under the chair when it is not in use.

Overall buyer reviews for this Timber Ridge recliner are (unsurprisingly) very positive. In fact there is barely any negativity surrounding this padded anti gravity chair at all.

Take a look at all the buyer reviews via the link below and also find out more about specs and information about this excellent outdoor chair.

Timber Ridge Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair – Blue and Grey

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Price approx: $$








So this XL zero gravity chair doesn’t feature padding throughout the whole of the bedded area.

The seat of this zero gravity recliner does feature padding however the backrest area is actually a mesh material.

Despite this, the reviews for this particular chair have so far been so good we could not leave it out here.

The wide 21.3 inch seat makes this a very spacious recliner and much like the XL Timber Ridge zero gravity chairs, the 350 lbs weight capacity makes this a strong and sturdy choice!

Also like the Timber Ridge recliners on this page, the Portal zero gravity chair reclines back to a very good angle which should satisfy any user of the chair.

Overall if you are looking for a good value padded zero gravity chair but feel the Lafuma chairs are too expensive. This Portal chair or the Timber Ridge gravity chairs are considered by many to be the best available currently.

As mentioned earlier the buyer reviews for this Portal zero gravity recliner are excellent and you can view them all via the link below.

Both the Portal chair and the Timber Ridge chairs are very similar in price.

The only notable difference is that the whole seat is padded on the Timber Ridge chairs. As well as some minor differences in dimensions.

Portal Extra Large Zero Gravity Chair

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Price approx: $$








On first glance this zero gravity chair looks a very good padded recliner, available at quite a low price when compared to similar padded zero gravity chairs.

Overall the buyer reviews are very good, however there are a few negative ones that stand out.

This zero gravity chair is listed as having a 350 lbs weight capacity, however some state this is not the case.

One thing to be wary of when buying an extra large zero gravity chair is if the weight capacity is correct.

If one buyer states the weight capacity is wrong, you can often disregard it as perhaps a ‘one off’, however when multiple users do you should pay attention.

If you are on the heavier side we would suggest you disregard this particular chair and look more to the Timber Ridge options above, simply to be on the safe side.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheap padded zero gravity chair and do not feel you weigh too much for this chair to handle, this chair isn’t a bad choice at all.

Overall the Westfield Outdoor zero gravity chair provides a good amount of space and provides some great comfort.

We would however, certainly recommend reading the buyer reviews for this chair before committing to a purchase. As you will see many of the ratings are excellent, but there are also some pretty negative reviews mixed in.

Overall a good chair if you are on a budget, but not as strong as the manufacturer states.

It also features a nice side table that flips under the chair when not in use.

Westfield Outdoor XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair

Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

Price: $

The Faulkner padded zero gravity chairs are probably some of the cheapest around, they are also available in either standard size or extra large.

Since there are a few different color variations for both the standard size and XL size each color variation seems to have quite different ratings.

On some models the ratings are almost perfect, yet on others they are a little mixed.

Generally speaking the XL padded chairs from Faulkner appear to be the best choice based on buyer opinion, however they are very large leaving smaller users feeling a little dwarfed.

Since the extra large variation is very spacious it’s an ideal choice for taller users or anyone who requires some extra width.

Overall the Faulkner padded chairs are a very solid design and both the standard and XL variations can hold up to 300 lbs in weight.

Many love the size and the comfort provided by the padded gravity chairs from Faulkner, however some would prefer it if they reclined a little further back!

Since there are such a wide variety of padded zero gravity chairs from Faulkner, the link below takes you to the Faulkner category page.

There you can click on each individual chair to learn more and view the chairs specifications.

One last thing to mention is, due to the difference in ratings for each color variation we would advise you to read the buyer reviews for other color variations also.

This will give you a better overview overall as to whether the padded Faulkner range is for you.

View the full range of Faulkner zero gravity chairs

Our Rating: Avg 4 / 5

Price: $