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4 of the best Zero Gravity Recliner Chair Accessories

July 7, 2016
Sundale Outdoor Folding Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy - Navy Blue

With zero gravity chairs becoming more and more popular in both the home and the garden manufacturers are making everyone’s lives a little easier by creating a number of useful accessories that can be used with your zero gravity chair as well as some great solutions to help prolong the use you can get from your zero gravity chair! Below you will find our round up of what we feel are some of the most useful and best zero gravity chair accessories that are available.


Attachable side tray for zero gravity patio chairs

The first accessory is one that many anti gravity chairs often have included with them but for those of you that own a chair already that does not have an attachable side tray this cheap and handy accessory is a great feature especially if you are planning on relaxing for a long time. We consider the Prime Products Utility Tray to be one of the best side trays available mainly due to it’s low price and due to it’s ability to hold 2 drinks and 2 cellphones or iPod’s simultaneously.

While it is unlikely to add much style to a zero gravity recliner, for such a low price you cannot really go wrong if you are searching for an inexpensive way to hold your personal items while relaxing in the sun.  The side table is able to attach onto any patio chair that features an A frame, meaning it will fit all of the anti gravity patio chairs that we have listed on our site securely. There are many other zero gravity chair side tables to choose from but for the price alone it is not hard to see why this one sells often!



The Best Outdoor Side Table

If you need a little more space than an attachable side table can offer, for a little extra cash you can pick up a larger outdoor folding side table that can be set up right next to your zero gravity patio chair. While there are quite a few side tables to choose from our personal recommendation is the 30 by 20 Inch Lifetime Folding Personal Table in white since it doesn’t look specifically like a piece of garden furniture meaning it wouldn’t look out of place if also used indoors. The table features 3 adjustable height settings of 21″, 24″ or 26″ allowing the user to position it optimally when relaxing in their patio chair making it easier to reach for their drinks or accessories. The table is easy to store as it will fold up along side your anti gravity recliner and is very lightweight and easy to carry, weighing only 10.5 lbs any relaxation enthusiast can transport and use the portable garden table anywhere they need. At a very low cost this table would be a perfect addition for couples to place in between their pair of zero g patio recliners giving both users a lot more space than if they had to simply rely on an attachable table.

This durable and sturdy table costs a very small amount and is a popular outdoor side table currently on While it may not be the prettiest table around it is more than capable of holding a large amount of weight, however if you do have a problem with the aesthetics of the table another good looking option to consider may be the Caravan Sports Textilene Table that costs a little extra but may compliment your anti gravity chair a little better.


Extra Large Zero Gravity Chair Carry Bag

From Faulkner this black Zero Gravity Chair Carry Bag is a perfect solution for those wishing to take their anti gravity chair to the beach or use their patio chair somewhere other than the comfort of their yard. Although the carry bag is made by Faulkner it is an ideal size to fit any standard or XL zero gravity chair, measuring 41″ (Length) x 28″ (Height) x 6.5″ (Width) many say this carry bag is even large enough to easily fit 2 standard sized anti gravity recliners at the same time.

The carry bag features a strong reinforced strap that has an easy to carry ergonomic support handle allowing it to be easily carried comfortably on the users shoulder. The bag has a vented design allowing the chair to stay ventilated and stop mold and mildew from effecting the contents. At a low price this carry bag is a perfect and cheap choice for anyone wishing to transport their recliner and keep it safe from dirt and damage.



Replacement Lacing for Anti Gravity Chairs

If you have owned a zero gravity chair for a number of years and are not yet ready to buy a new one, replacing the bungee laces is a great way to make the 0 gravity recliner look and feel as good as new! From Faulkner this Black Replacement Lacing works not only with Faulkner and Lafuma zero gravity chairs but with a wide range of other brands as well as extra large and oversized outdoor anti gravity recliner chairs.

The elastic cord laces feature molded metallic ends to ensure easy re-lacing is guaranteed, each pack comes with 4 pieces of lace that is enough to replace the cord on one patio chair, 2 laces are used for the leg rest area and the other 2 for the backrest area. The replacement cord comes complete with easy to follow instructions and for the majority re- lacing their gravity chair should be no problem at all. These replacement laces are a great way of breathing new life into recliners where the lacing has become damaged and slack.

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