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Grounding / Earthing Health Benefits

April 11, 2018
The health benefits of earthing / grounding


A while back I published a post detailing a little about my experience of earthing or as it is also known grounding.

The process of grounding can be as simple as putting your bare feet on the ground outdoors. You can however also use a grounding mat or other grounding products which also provide you body with electrons from the earth.

As you can read in my initial earthing post here, I was incredibly skeptical at first.

However, over the last couple of years I have been using an earthing mat on a daily basis and particularly in recent weeks I feel the results have been incredible.

Fairly recently I had been feeling pretty stressed out. In addition to this my back and muscle pain was acting up again, even though I had been using my earthing mat for an hour before bed every night.

However, over the last couple of years I think I have gradually taken my earthing mat for granted a little.

Before bed I routinely place it down and do not give it much thought, then remove it before I sleep.

It was only due to the increase in stress I was feeling and my increased back pain that made me start using my mat a lot more.

When I first got the mat I would use it beneath my computer keyboard throughout the day. Over time I’m unsure why I quit doing so, although I’m guessing it was down to laziness or, as I mention earlier taking the mat for granted.

In the last month or so I have started using the mat on my computer table again and also sleeping on it throughout the night.

With the increased usage of my mat I am so surprised how quickly my back pain has cleared up and how much my overall health has improved.

It has also inspired me to write this post as I am still amazed that such a simple process / product can do so much to help with certain health issues.

The Benefits of Earthing / Grounding

Having found such a positive health boost from using my earthing mat on a more regular basis, I chose to research some of the benefits in more detail.

I was actually quite surprised to find out about the numerous studies that have been conducted to back up the the benefits and effects of grounding.

The concept behind earthing is that when we are in barefoot contact with the earth or using an earthing mat on our skin we absorb electrons into our body.

As one of the leading researchers, Clint Ober (founder of the Earthing brand) has stated, our bodies are primarily electrical. Therefore grounding ourselves or earthing helps our bodies to become electrically stable.

The electrons absorbed through the earthing process help to neutralize the cell damaging free radicals in our body.

Reduction and prevention of Inflammation

One of the main researched benefits of earthing throughout the day or night is the reduction of inflammation.

A quick internet search of “inflammation causes disease” shows it is becoming increasingly agreed by medical researchers that inflammation can cause and advance many common diseases.

The process of earthing has even received a patent in 2010 as a method the reduce and prevent inflammation and autoimmune diseases!

Earthing helps improvement in sleep

Research has also shown that earthing yourself throughout the night provides another major benefit of grounding, a better nights sleep!

One study found that cortisol levels in test subjects were significantly reduced while grounded during sleep.

Cortisol levels influence your energy and your ability to get a more restful sleep.

It was found that the cortisol levels of the subjects of the study showed a trend towards normalization.

This normalization led to better energy levels in the morning on waking up and made it more effortless to fall asleep at night.

Increased Circulation and Energy 

Earthing helps to increase circulation, thinning the blood and allowing cells to carry more oxygen and carry away more waste.

With an increase in circulation, energy levels also increase.

Reduced pain and stress

The reduction in pain and stress are also significant benefits that are aided by the reduction of inflammation and a better nights sleep.


Having researched a little more into grounding myself, I am not surprised how quickly my back pain and stress ceased after using my earthing mat overnight.

After using my mat once while I slept, my pain cleared up immediately. It actually seemed quite miraculous.

I am also very impressed with how positive the results of many of the studies into grounding have been.

All of them providing very good proof that really backs up my findings and experience from using a grounding mat as I slept.

Being someone who initially thought grounding was perhaps a bit far fetched, I really have changed my mind entirely on the subject.

What do I need to Earth myself?

The greatest thing about earthing is it can be done completely cost free.

You can simply go to the park or outside your home and place your skin in contact with the earth.

It was always a mystery to me, why after a day at the beach I would sleep so much better. However I now assume it has a lot to do with earthing yourself while walking around on the sand.

If you are pushed for time or getting barefoot outdoors is a hard task to do daily, there are plenty of affordable grounding products available.

As I mentioned in my first grounding post, I was given my grounding mat as a gift.

I am regularly at my computer desk and to be perfectly honest walking around outdoors with bare feet each day would be a massive hassle. Therefore the grounding mat was an excellent gift to receive (although I wasn’t aware of it at the time).

The mat I received (pictured right) retails at around $60. It was one to use either on the floor while seated or you can use it under your computer keyboard while working.

As previously mentioned I have also been using it in bed, however after a couple of weeks it is something I wouldn’t recommend too often. Mine has become very tatty and has torn a fair bit because of this (I will be upgrading to a bed mat very soon).

You can view and purchase the grounding mat for a workstation here on Amazon. You can also read the reviews from other buyers to see just how effective everyone believes it to be.

For those wishing to have an effective solution to ground while sleeping there are larger more durable mats available. There are also mats that you can use on a chair or sofa.

The obvious benefit of having one of these larger mats to sit or lay down on, is that they are far more sturdy and durable than the smaller desk/floor style mats.

I learnt the hard way that the computer desk mats are not very durable and fairly useless to sleep on, especially if you move around a fair bit in your sleep.

There seems to be a fairly limited amount of options available for bed and chair mats but looking on Amazon the Ground Therapy sleep mat and the Ground Therapy chair mat from Grounded beauty are some affordable and well rated options. Both are pictured below.


If you suffer from pain, stress or sleeping issues you should really consider giving earthing a go.

It is so easy to do and you are very likely to become a convert like I have.

After the last few weeks of earthing regularly throughout the day it is astonishing to me that the benefits are not more widely known.

Through Earthing daily I feel in the best shape I have for years and would strongly recommend it.

Even if you have no current issues with pain, it is a great way to balance yourself out and rejuvenate your mind and body.





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