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Can You Really Improve Your Posture for $30?

July 6, 2017
Improve your posture

How Good is your Posture?

Like many who work at a computer all day, I have developed some bad posture habits over the years.

When sitting at a desk or while standing up, I am constantly having to remind myself to stand or sit in a more upright position. When I am not focused on my posture, my shoulders and back always hunch into an unnatural position.

It also feels as if the left side of my body naturally positions itself lower than the right, especially if I am not constantly making an effort to improve my posture.


me, sitting at the computer is when I really notice how much I slouch.

On multiple occasions throughout the day, I find myself hunched over my desk. I am constantly leaning forward on my computer desk, resting my elbows or arching my back when typing away on the keyboard.

Even after I have corrected the way I’m sat at my computer, it doesn’t take long for my bad posture habits to unconsciously reappear a few minutes later.


Most days it is not uncommon for me to use my inversion table or gravity chair after being sat at my desk for a long length of time.

After a period of prolonged heavy slouching, I find inversion to be more preferable over using a zero gravity chair to help relieve my upper back pain. Inversion is after all, a little more aggressive when it comes to stretching out the spine, whereas a zero gravity chair is often a little too passive for my liking.

Using an inversion table regularly obviously isn’t ideal for everyone, nor is having to use one numerous times a day. Preventing poor posture in the first instance, is clearly a far more preferable choice, rather than having to rectify it later.

Using a Posture Corrector

Working with My Zero Gravity Chair I spend a lot of time looking around the internet for products that can benefit my health, help with back pain and that I can write about.

When I first saw the range of posture correctors available I must admit I wasn’t particularly blown away. The majority looked fairly simplistic and since many were available for around $30, I was fairly skeptical that such a low priced product could be beneficial.

One thing that really stood out were the majority of reviews that were incredibly positive on certain products. You can see some of the best reviewed choices I found listed at the bottom of the page.

As is often to be expected with most products of this manner, there were many who appeared to feel that posture correctors were amazing for realigning their bad posture. While on the contrary a small minority disagreed, highlighting that certain posture correctors were a waste of time or too uncomfortable to use.

For such a low price though, I was prepared to give one a shot. If it did turn out to be garbage I could always at least write a blog post about my experience whether it was good or bad.

My Initial Thoughts

The posture corrector I chose was the Diamond Active model (shown at the bottom of the page). I opted for this model because it appeared to have better and more positive reviews overall, even though it didn’t have as many reviews as other correctors available.

Overall it took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to use and apply the posture corrector. I found the product fairly self explanatory and straightforward. Also from looking at other peoples reviews, no one appeared to have mentioned any issues with the application either.

I read a lot of reviews on different posture correctors. On some products there were always a few complaining how hard the corrector was to put on. Personally I can’t really relate to this, especially since there appeared to be very little room for error.

I could however see how some posture correctors may be a little hard for certain people to adjust, and how someone less flexible may need a little assistance when doing so. For the majority however, it probably shouldn’t be an issue.

At first, the corrector does take a little getting used to. It does feel a little restrictive and putting on a t shirt over it isn’t as straightforward as usual.

Once the corrector was in position I felt the effects almost instantaneously. My shoulders were pulled back and it was quite an eye opener to feel and compare the difference with how my shoulders naturally slumped forward.

What I Liked about using a Posture Corrector

Using a posture corrector I could instantly see in the mirror what a difference it made when compared to my usual posture. The fact I could clearly see the difference in my posture was the first sign that it hadn’t been a waste of money.

One of the other noticeable benefits of the posture corrector, was that it acted as a constant reminder that I should be sitting and standing more upright.

The posture corrector was very quick and easy to use, and considering the low price I was very surprised how immediately effective it felt.

Although the posture corrector does take a little getting used to, within a few days I was happy to tighten it quite significantly without any discomfort. When using the corrector on a tighter setting it also felt like it was making more of a difference.

The main thing I loved about the posture corrector, is that after a while your body seemed adapt more to the stance you were in when using it. Even when you were not wearing it.

After a few days of using the corrector for fairly lengthy periods of time, I could clearly see how slumped my shoulders were previously without it. I also started to notice the more I used the corrector, the more my body would appear to maintain better posture when I took it off.

In the past when I stopped thinking about my posture, my shoulders would naturally slump forward. But even after using the posture corrector for a week this started to happen a lot less. Whether this was due to my brain being more subconsciously aware, or due to my body remembering good posture thanks to the posture corrector I do not know. Perhaps it was a little of both.

Does it stop you hunching over a computer desk?

When standing upright I quickly noticed my bad habits cease. However when at my computer, I still found myself regularly leaning forward and arching my back when the corrector was present, especially when focusing in on something on screen. Overall though, my body would remain more upright than usual when I was typing.

With the posture corrector present my shoulders were always pulled back, but physically it didn’t prevent me from leaning forward and slouching when seated at a desk. On the other hand as I mentioned earlier, it regularly served as a reminder to sit more upright when at my computer.

Overall when I am sat at a desk, I have been slouching a lot less than usual when wearing the posture corrector. When I take the corrector off I can see that it is making a significant difference. However, I haven’t noticed as greater change in my seating posture when compared to my improved posture while standing up.

I hope after another couple of weeks of using the posture corrector, the desk slouching will stop altogether. Although it seems my desk slouching habit is a little harder to break free of.

What Could be Improved?

Although the pros (in my opinion) far outweigh the cons when it comes to using a posture corrector, there are a few features that could be improved a little.

The most noticeable problem for me was that the corrector is pretty uncomfortable to wear when your body is hot and clammy. After taking a hot shower the feel of the corrector was unbearable and felt too restricting. This is a fairly minor issue however, as you can simply wait a few minutes to cool down a little and it is fine. It is also not much fun to wear on very hot days.

The posture corrector does take some time to get used to and at first, it isn’t particularly comfortable. I can imagine some people would buy the posture corrector and after a few minutes feel it is too restrictive and therefore not use it again. Over time however, you do get used to having it present and you simply have to persevere a bit. It isn’t the most natural feeling, but you do eventually get used to it.

Some will find that their posture corrector may be a little uncomfortable on the armpit area. This complaint seems to be fairly common and appears to be the main reason for some of the negative reviews on the Voelux model (shown at the bottom of the page). Some designs are going to be better than others for comfort, personally I didn’t have much armpit discomfort once I was more familiar with the design.

After a while you will also learn what level of tightness more preferable to you. Once I had become accustomed to the corrector, I found having it on tighter setting was far more preferable for me and it felt a lot more beneficial.

When it comes to whether you can wear your posture corrector under your clothing, it seems fairly dependent on what design you choose.

The Diamond Active posture corrector I opted for isn’t too easy to hide under a t-shirt but should be OK under looser fitting clothing. Where as designs such as the Gavimax and Voelux look a little less bulky should you wish to wear them more discreetly. You can view all of the posture correctors mentioned here at the bottom of the page.

One last point to make, is that it is worth reading other buyers posture corrector reviews to make sure the size listings are fairly accurate in general. On one product I looked at, many complained that the sizes seemed a little off and recommended that no matter what size you were, you chose the size above to avoid too much restriction. The sizing on certain models appear to be one of the biggest reasons for negative reviews.

Do Posture Correctors Work?

It is fairly plain to see from most buyer reviews, many find posture correctors to be highly effective. I’m also incredibly surprised how good they really are considering their low prices.

After using my posture corrector for a week or so I can honestly say I am still amazed by the difference it has made.

It is true that it isn’t going to work miracles or cure a bad back. If however you suffer from slumped shoulders or often slouch they are a great way to help your body learn good posture while standing or when sat at a computer. They are also a great product to use, if like me you are a fan of using an inversion table.

Below I have listed some of the best rated posture correctors available and I would recommend that you take a look at the reviews on visiting the retailer.

One thing you will notice on each product is the amount of positive reviews praising how effective these simple devices are.

When it comes to the negative reviews on posture correctors you quickly see a pattern. Most who rate the products negatively complain due to sizing issues, the corrector being uncomfortable or due to the user finding it too hard to adjust.

As I have mentioned earlier it does take time getting used to and it is a little strange and uncomfortable at first. It may also take a brief amount of time to learn how to adjust the posture brace correctly, without any discomfort.

Some of the Best Rated Posture Correctors

The 4 choices below are some of the best rated posture correctors currently available on Amazon. You can also find a wider range of options on visiting the retailer.

Truweo Posture Corrector

Gearari Posture Corrector (Universal)

Selbite Posture Corrector 

Gearari Posture Corrector (Regular)

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