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Inversion Therapy for Back Pain

July 7, 2016
IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

Teeter 970 LTD Inversion TableWhen it comes to relaxing and healing my back pain my zero gravity chair isn’t the only weapon in my arsenal. Although a zero gravity chair is perfect to use passively when relaxing in my garden or my living room there is another object I use regularly when trying to ease the stresses of gravity on my back.

While it isn’t as relaxing as my zero gravity chair, my inversion table is a godsend, the main benefit to using an inversion table is that whereas the zero gravity chair eliminates the stress gravity puts my back when using an inversion table you are reversing the effects of gravity but spine, you are in a sense making gravity work for you.

As you may have already read on our website, throughout the day your back is constantly having to deal with the forces of gravity placed upon it no matter what you are doing. The zero gravity position is a perfect way to eliminate this gravity therefore easing the stresses put upon your spine. When using an inversion table you are suspended upside down and therefore going against the gravitational pull help your spine to elongate as well as taking any pressure completely off it. Inversion therapy really is a great way to take the pressure off the muscles surrounding the spine and although it is not as relaxing as a zero gravity chair when used together on a daily basis they really can work wonders to re align your spine into it’s rightful position.

Just like your seated position in a zero gravity chair, inversion therapy elevates the legs and therefore when using an inversion table you can enjoy all of the benefits that you get from a zero gravity chair. Benefits of using a zero gravity chair or inversion table include improved posture, as both of these back saving devices help realignment of the spinal column and aid in restoring the body’s natural posture. Both also improve blood circulation helping your body to transport oxygenated blood around it more easily and more effectively.

Many often question if inversion table can make you grow taller? While strictly speaking the table will not make you grow, due to the inversion therapy process lengthening the spine it is not uncommon for people who use inversion therapy on a regular basis to gain as much as an inch in height with regular usage. As stated earlier technically this is not growth but simply elongation of the spine, on a daily basis the average adult loses around 0.5 to 2 inches in height throughout the day, on jumping out of bed I measure around an inch taller than I do at say around 5 pm, after a period of time on my inversion table it is not uncommon for me to measure a couple of cm taller than before the therapy.

The Inversion Table I use is the Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table  which didn’t set me back much cash but was really worth it, while I did feel quite dizzy after using it the first few weeks from all of the blood rushing to my head after a bit it became fairly natural for me just to hang upside down whenever I had a few minutes free. Combined with my Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity chair, my inversion table has really helped my back issues that have bothered me for the last 5 years and although I do still have my bad days these two pieces of equipment have helped tremendously. You can find more inversion tables here at Amazon starting from some affordable prices, regular usage of either a zero gravity chair or inversion table comes highly recommended by me!

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