Teeter Better Back Vibration Massage Cushion with Neck Support – Accessory for Inversion Table

  • For use with any EP Teeter inversion table
  • Attaches to table using Velcro straps
  • Vibration cushion only – Inversion Table not included
  • 10 Vibration massage motors with variable intensity
  • Remote control with LCD
  • Remote control storage pouch
  • Neck arch support
  • 2 Infrared heaters
  • Made from Durable microfiber material
  • 90 Day warranty


The vibration cushion is a great way to combine the high quality design of a Teeter inversion table with the vibrate and heat functions included on other brands of table.

The Teeter vibration cushion can be used with any of the EP series of inversion tables from the Teeter range and easily attaches to the ComforTrak backrest using Velcro straps.

The features of the vibration cushion include 10 vibration massage motors that have variable intensity settings. The pad also includes 2 infrared heaters positioned in the neck area of the pad that target the shoulders and upper back with a deep warming heat.

Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion for EP SeriesThe cushion functions can be controlled and optimized using the LCD remote control. Via the control you can target specific zones of the cushion as well as change the speed and intensity of the vibration settings.

You can also add the soothing heat function simply by pressing a button. Once you have selected your preferred settings you can store the remote control in the included pouch that can be attached to the frame of your Teeter inversion table.

The cushion is made from a durable microfiber material and padded with polyfoam. The pad features a raised area to support the arch of the neck, it also aids in restoring the natural curvature of the neck area and allows for greater decompression when inverted.

As with many inversion tables that feature heat and vibrate massage functions there are some users that are never satisfied. However, generally the vast majority fall in love with these features instantaneously.

There are always one or two buyers that often feel the vibrate and heat functions are not hugely beneficial when using an inversion table. Usually due to the features not being strong enough for them personally. From the amount of vibration inversion tables we have looked at however, the Teeter pad appears to receive way more compliments than some of the other inversion tables that have heat and vibrate settings built into the backrest.

If you own a Teeter EP series inversion table many believe this is one of the best accessories you can own for it. The additional comfort provided by the cushion makes this a must buy accessory in many buyers opinion adding to the already fairly comfortable Teeter backrest significantly. Many also love the vibration and heat experience and find it a great way to sooth and relieve muscle stress.

As is to be expected there are some that feel the vibration and heat could be stronger. It is worth noting though that an inversion table with these features costs a fraction of the price when compared to a zero gravity massage chair, You simply cannot expect too much at this sort of price range.

We would recommend you take a look at the buyer reviews before deciding on whether this cushion is a good choice for you. You may also be interested in taking a look at the Teeter comfort cushion that doesn’t feature the heat and vibrate functions.

Please note: Inversion Table not included



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