If you are looking for a standard size or extra wide zero gravity chair with a sun canopy included, a chair from the Bliss Hammocks range is a great choice. Bliss Hammock are a brand renowned for their innovative and good looking outdoor products and when it comes to zero gravity chairs, a gravity chair from them is sure to stand out and become a talking point of your yard.

As well as the single chairs Bliss Hammock also offer a zero gravity loveseat for 2 people, one thing that sets this manufacturer apart from many others is the unique look and the colors of the chairs they produce. If the chairs from other brands are either too bright or too dull for you then the Bliss Hammocks range is ideal. Although the colors are limited they are far more subtle in tone than other brands and with the added extra of an adjustable canopy some may feel these zero gravity chairs are a little more stylish than the regular style of chair that is often slightly cheaper in price.

Although the chairs in the Bliss Hammocks range are a bit more expensive, the consumer reviews left for the chairs all appear to show that they really are worth the extra cost. It is for this reason that every chair below comes highly recommended and have each been highlighted in the best patio chairs, best XL chairs & best Loveseat chairs categories. If you are looking for a standard, extra wide or 2 person zero gravity chair then choosing a chair from the Bliss Hammocks range is likely to make you a very happy customer.

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