As studies in the last few years have shown using a hammock can make you fall asleep quicker and help in the user having a deeper sleep, from the moment we are born we are rocked to sleep and it is widely believed that a rocking motion when either in a sleeping position or when seated can make us fall asleep more quickly than when we are stationary. While a zero gravity chair is able to provide the user with a wide range of healthy benefits using a hammock it seems is also a healthy way to relax and sleep, you can even position yourself in the anti gravity position while using a hammock with a stand!

Prime Garden Hammock with steel standAlthough there have not been many studies into the health benefits of using a hammock, users worldwide are often adamant that their sleep is deeper and more restful when using a hammock than it is when they use their own bed, and many also claim that using a hammock can help to alleviate back pain. One of the main studies into how rocking can affect our sleep found that the swinging motion encountered when using a hammock boosts the brain wave oscillations that are associated with a more rewarding and more pleasant sleep as well as showing signs that rocking induces a more deeper sleep than if you are stationary.

While research has shown that a deeper sleep is not necessarily healthier for you compared to other stages of the sleep cycle it is during the deep and rapid eye movement sleep stage that our body is able to repair itself leading to better energy levels and muscle repairation.

Not long ago lying in a hammock used to be considered more of an outdoor activity often associated with hiking and camping trips, however due to an increased market there are now a great number of affordable hammock and steel stand sets that can be easily set up anywhere in the home, providing you have an area of around at least 10 feet by 5 to spare. As you can see from the picture to the left you can even position yourself into a position similar to that achieved when using a zero gravity chair, raising your legs above your heart to allow for increased circulation that can lead to conditions such as varicose veins. However relaxing in a position similar to that in the picture may not be the best way to use a hammock should you have a bad back.

While a hammock and stand combination set may be a great addition to either your home or garden, as our name suggests we would recommend that a hammock stand set is used in addition to your zero gravity chair especially if you suffer from back pain problems. It seems fairly likely that using a hammock when taking a nap or when sleeping all night can lead to a deeper sleep and will probably help your body to repair and rejuvenate itself in the process, however there has been no real evidence that a hammock can help a user suffering from back pain or back related problems, although the deeper sleep may help to alleviate the pain somewhat.

The Partysaving Infinity Zero Gravity Rocking Chair features almost everything you can expect from a regular sized zero gravity recliner with the added ability to gently rock you as you recline in the full zero gravity position. Although the weight capacity is compromised a little by the additional rocking feature the recliner is still capable of holding a respectable 260 lbs weight capacity and as with all anti gravity patio chairs can be easily folded for storage and transportation.

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