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Summary: Available as a single chair or in a set of 2 in a range of vibrant colors. An affordable chair that is incredibly popular due to it’s stylish and high quality design, many who have opted for this chair have great things to say about it’s ease of use as well as remarking on the excellent comfort provided.


Outsunny Zero Gravity Chair Dimensions

The Zero Gravity Recliner by Outsunny is available in a range of colors and is also available to buy as a set of 2. The Price is certainly something that makes this chair a better option than similar zero gravity recliners starting at a very low cost for most color options.

The Outsunny Zero gravity recliner folds down to around 6″ and weighs only 20 lbs meaning you can take it anywhere you wish. The chair’s space saving design allows you to easily fold it up and put it in the trunk of your car to take to the beach or on a camping trip. The chair can be easily stored when not in use and quickly unfolded for use on the patio or by the pool. An ideal chair to use for reflexology and even indoors or when you have guests to visit.

The chair’s frame is constructed of Powder coated steel making it both weather resistant and wear resistant. Although very few have complained of rusting problems it is advised that when not in use the chair is stored indoors, however many who have bought the chair are happy that it is built to last and will not rust years after purchase even if it is left outside.

The seat of the chair is also weather resistant and made from UV-resistant breathable mesh materials meaning the chair will not discolor over time due to the suns rays. The seat area is secured by a replaceable bungee elastic cord system that allows the chair to conform to your body shape, cradling it it total comfort.

Capable of multiple reclining positions the chair can be locked into place when the perfect position is found. You can keep the chair locked into your preferred position making it readily available and personalized for you anytime you feel like relaxing. It is for this reason you may wish to consider buying a pair of Outsunny recliners so guests or partners don’t tamper with your positioning. The recliner chair features 2 knobs for adjusting the reclining positions, these can be used to safely and securely lock the chair into any position that suits the user. As with many zero gravity chairs this chair does not recline into a full horizontal position.

The manufacturer of the chair states it can withstand up to 350 lbs although it is probably wise to not test it, also due to the seat area of the chair being 19″ it is fairly unlikely that a 350 lb person would be able to fit comfortably into the chair. This chair however is a suitable chair for anyone taller, since many of the reviews left by users of the chair note that even at heights of 6’1” – 6’4” they are able to use the recliner without any discomfort even though a taller users feet may hang over a bit.

The chair comes complete with a removable and adjustable headrest and is available in a number of various colors including Black, Dark or Light Blue, Brown, Green, Lime Green, Orange and Yellow. The price does vary somewhat for each color variation but in general you will not be expected to pay too much for this high quality recliner.



The Outsunny Zero Gravity chair is ideal for anyone of a fairly regular body size, although it is probably not suitable for someone who may need a little more width it is a good choice for anyone who is taller, allowing someone around or over 6 feet tall to recline comfortably.

A great choice of chair if you wish to buy a number of chairs for a party without spending a lot of cash, the chairs are easy to transport and move around. You really can take them anywhere and fold them up easily for storage. Overall this is a high quality zero gravity recliner chair at a very low price whether you decide to buy a single chair or a pack of 2.


  • People Capacity: 1 person (Available in a set of 2)
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300+ lbs (Manufacturer states 350 lbs)
  • Seating Area Width: 19″ (20 3/4″ between arm rests)
  • Folded dimensions: 38″ length X 25″ width X 6″ high
  • Overall Size (upright unfolded): 43 5/8″ tall x 25 1/4″ wide
  • Fully Reclined Size: 59″ long x 34 1/2″ tall
  • Chair Weight: 20 lbs

Outsunny zero gravity chair range of colors


Our round up of pros and cons for the comfortable and Affordable Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Patio Chair

Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair Light Blue


  • Price – Excellent value for a high quality standard sized chair
  • Quick and easy to assemble – Be up and relaxing in a couple of minutes
  • Lightweight & Easy to fold
  • Lockable – Locks into any reclining position
  • Comfortable – Comes with an adjustable headrest
  • Weatherproof  & Sturdy – Made from durable outdoor grade fabric & powder coated steel
  • Well Constructed & Built to last
  • Many unique colors available
  • A great chair for reflexology 


  • Size – If you are on the larger side this chair is probably not for you, although the manufacturer states the chair can hold up to 350 lbs if you are over 300 lbs the 19″ seat is unlikely to be a large enough area for you to feel comfortable. You may wish to take a look at our recommendations for the best XL & Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs.
  • Unpadded Armrests – Since the armrests are made from plastic some may find them slightly uncomfortable. The majority of zero gravity chairs around this price range feature similar armrests and for most it will not cause any discomfort.
  • Questionable Zero Gravity Positioning – Although the zero gravity recliners produced by Outsunny are comfortable they do not recline as far as most zero gravity chairs, many however feel that they do provide the same level of relief and relaxation.   

Final Thoughts

This Outsunny Chair is often on sale and even when not available at a discount it remains a high quality recliner that will leave very few disappointed. The Chair is easy to assemble requiring no work, simply unpack, unfold and recline.

One of the best zero gravity chairs that can be bought as a single chair or as a set of 2 both for a very low price.

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