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Is an Orbital Recliner as effective as a Zero Gravity Patio Chair?

July 7, 2016
Belleze Folding Orbital Zero Gravity Recliner - Ocean Blue

If you take a look around our site and their orbital zero gravity chair loungers have caught your attention you may have noticed that it doesn’t appear orbital loungers are capable of reclining into the true zero gravity position. Take a look at the video below to see what we mean and compare the position to the The Zero Gravity Position shown here.

While it is true there are some zero gravity chairs for the patio that are unable to allow the user to achieve a full zero gravity position where the feet are lifted above the head allowing for increased circulation and less pressure upon the spine the majority of them do a far better job than an orbital zero gravity chair will do.

So why do manufacturers label their orbital zero gravity chairs as zero gravity if there are unable to achieve zero gravity position? My personal belief is that the manufacturers are referring not to the position that the orbital chair places the user into but rather the feeling of weightlessness that is gained when relaxing in the chair. This is also something to look out for when buying standard zero gravity chair for the patio, although you can be assured that when buying a zero gravity massage chair or a more expensive indoor zero gravity chair, both will be able to recline the user into the full zero gravity position.

Belleze Folding Orbital Zero Gravity Recliner - Green

It is always a good idea to read what other users have said about their experience when using the chair as there are also some of the standard zero gravity recliner chair models that do not achieve the full zero gravity position also and are named zero gravity chairs simply due to the weightless feeling felt by the user.

While orbital chairs possess all of the aesthetic European design features that are guaranteed to complement your outdoor area if you do suffer from back pain and are hoping to purchase a zero gravity chair to ease it, do take into consideration that a zero gravity orbital lounger may not be a good fit for you. However if it is simply relaxation and a good-looking chair to use indoors or out that you are after a orbital zero gravity lounger can provide high comfortability and looks far more unique and stylish than many of the standard zero gravity patio recliner chairs.

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