Caravan Canopy Oversized Zero Gravity Chair


4.4/5 – Editors Rating


Summary: Just one of the best selling reclining patio chairs available in the US with high reviews from many. At a very low price this is one of the cheapest extra large and oversized zero gravity chairs available as well as one of the best around in our opinion.


If more room is what you are looking for in your zero gravity recliner then the Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair is probably just what you are looking for. Coming fully assembled the chair has a wider width than many standard anti gravity chairs and is ideal for anyone needing a little more space in their recliner.

The Caravan Canopy Oversized chair is one of the cheapest XL recliner chairs on the market. The price does often vary a little depending on the color you choose, you can pick up many of the more standard color chairs for very low cost where as rarer colors will occasionally set you back a little more.

Available in a range of colors in either the Sports model or Sports Infinity model you are fairly likely to find a model of this chair that is the right choice for you. However if the extra width seat is not something that you necessarily need and you would prefer another color you could also check out the standard variation of the chair which comes in more colors and still remains a best seller on Amazon in the Patio Lounge Chairs category and also features a lot of positive reviews.

With the ability to hold a heavier weight than the average zero gravity recliner the Caravan Canopy Sports Infinity chair can hold up to 330 pounds and the Caravan Sports variant can hold 350 lbs.  Many actually say that due to the chairs size it is more comfortable than it’s standard variants of the zero gravity chair.

The only minor downside to this chair when compared with chairs that do not feature the additional width on the seat, is that the chair is a little less portable. Due to the additional size and weight of the chair it is a bit harder to transport however since it weighs around only 22 lbs (Infinity model) and folds down to 38.6 inches length X 31.7 inches width X 6.9 inches high it should not be much of a problem for most able bodied people.

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Caravan Canopy Oversized Zero Gravity Chair


The Caravan Canopy XL Zero Gravity Chair is perfect for any one who wants a bit more room in their recliner but doesn’t want to spend a great deal of money. If the standard weight capacity of an average anti gravity recliner isn’t enough, this chair is capable of holding up to 330 or 350 lbs (depending on model) compared to the average of most zero gravity chairs that is often 300 pounds.

SPECIFICATIONS of the Caravan Sports Infinity model

  • People Capacity: 1 person
  • Max Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • 5.3 inches wider than the standard model
  • Folded dimensions: 38.6″ length X 31.7″ wide X 6.9″ high
  • Seating area between arms: 24″
  • Chair Weight: Approx 22 lbs


Our round up of pros and cons for the relaxing Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair.


  • Price – One of the cheapest Oversized zero gravity chairs on the market. Excellent value!
  • Quick and easy to assemble – Fully Assembled. Be up and relaxing in a couple of minutes
  • Size – Ideal for anyone on the larger side.
  • Comfortable – Comes with an adjustable headrest
  • Weatherproof – Made from durable outdoor fabric & powder coated steel
  • Well Constructed
  • Easy to clean


  • Less Portability – Although the chair is portable it is slightly larger than the standard models and therefore slightly less easy to transport. This however is a very minor problem that most will not be inconvenienced by.

Final Thoughts

We consider this chair to be one of the better Oversized chairs on the market as well as one of the most popular.

At a very affordable price the chair is easy to set up and you could be relaxing in no time. With an extra wide seat area of around 24″ this chair is a top choice if standard zero gravity recliners are simply not wide enough to maximize your comfort.

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