Perhaps not the Best Choice, but still very good!

Lets start this review by stating this set of 2 zero gravity chairs from Best Choice Products are not perfect!

However, this in no way means they are not a good choice of zero gravity chair!

It is not often that a product is completely perfect and it is certainly understandable that some people will favor the product more than others.

With a product like these set of 2 zero gravity chairs you are going to get some bad reviews, especially since they are so popular and have amassed over 2000 (mostly highly positive) reviews to date on

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs - BurgundyWhen assessing a zero gravity chair you have to take into consideration how much the chair costs. To many, this is usually a very good indication of what sort of quality you can expect from the chair.

The set of 2 zero gravity chairs from Best Choice Products are some of the cheapest available. At the time of writing the average cost per chair is around $34 making it roughly $68 for the set of 2 (Certain color options cost a little more or less).

When the price per chair is taken into account and put into perspective…

You are getting a relatively high quality set of zero gravity chairs for an exceptionally low price!

Simply browsing many of the single zero gravity chairs available on the Amazon marketplace, should quickly show you what great value for money these chairs are.

There are plenty of other zero gravity chairs available to purchase as a single chair, that cost in excess of $50 that have similar (or worse) ratings when compared to this set of 2 chairs!

In addition to this many of the single chairs have around 90% less reviews than this set of 2!

In breif summary, you are unlikely to find a zero gravity chair of this quality for a lower price.

Specifications and Features

  • Weight Capacity Per Chair: 250 lbs
  • Chair Dimensions (Open): 32.5″- 61″(L) x 25″(W) x 33.5″- 44″(H)
  • Chair Dimensions (Folded): 38″(L) x 25″(W) x 6″(H)
  • Item Weight: 37.4 lbs (Approx 18.5 lbs per chair)
  • Padded adjustable and removable headrest (can also be used for lumbar support)
  • Detachable accessories tray included, 2 x drink holder slots, book/tablet and phone slots
  • Multiple recline positioning from upright to zero gravity
  • Twist lock mechanism to hold into preferred recline position
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • UV resistant mesh seat
  • Rubber non slip feet and rubber foot rest 

What makes these chairs stand out?

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs - BrownAs we have earlier established the best thing about this set of two zero gravity chairs is the low price.

Aside from the price there is very little that really makes them stand out from the crowd, however this is often true for many of the more standard sized zero gravity chairs around.

I have used many zero gravity chairs of this type over the years and in my experience there is never much in it when it comes to comfort. From the vast amount of reviews left by buyers, it would appear these are more comfortable than many first expect.

The other main stand out feature of this particular set of zero gravity chairs is the inclusion of the accessories trays. As you can see in the images these accessories trays are very versatile and extremely functional.

More often than not some of the accessory trays that come with zero gravity chairs are fairly uninspiring and look fairly cheap. Best Choice Products zero gravity chair accessories trays are always a very nice addition.

The addition of the accessories trays is also another reason why these are exception value for money. If you were to buy an accessories tray separately they can sometimes cost in excess of $10 per tray. Yet for around $68 you get 2 zero gravity chairs and 2 trays!

What’s not so good?

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs - Light BlueSo we have established that these chairs are both comfortable and great value, but are there any reasons to look elsewhere?

The first minor “con” is perhaps the 250 lbs weight capacity. It is not uncommon for chairs of this size to be able to hold around 300 lbs.

If you are around 250 – 300 lbs in weight using the Best Choice Products gravity chair on a regular basis may not be a great idea. However moderate use from someone of this weight is unlikely to cause any problems.

These are standard sized zero gravity chairs so you have to be a little sensible. If you do need a wider chair or one that can hold more weight, you should probably opt for an extra large zero gravity chair. Unfortunately you are very unlikely to find any XL zero gravity chairs in this sort of price range.

Quality-wise these chairs are great for the price, although some may have issue if they leave them outdoors for prolonged periods.

Generally all zero gravity chairs in this sort of price range and in this sort of style will be prone to weathering issues. Personally I avoid these issues by taking my chairs indoors, however if you do leave them outdoors you may find the frame could rust or the fabric may fade over time despite the claims the seat is UV resistant material.

One last minor issue reported is that the locks do not stay in place all the time. I have owned zero gravity chairs with these twist locks before and never had an issue, I however, rarely use my outdoor zero gravity chair for anything other than relaxing in the full recliner position.

If you differ and prefer to change your recline angle regularly in your chair. You should find the locking mechanisms on these chairs OK, but some do have locking issues from time to time.

How’s the zero gravity recline positioning?

This is always a hard question to answer. Depending on your past experience with other zero gravity chairs you may find these do not recline as far or lift your legs as much.

But most users are unlikely to have any complaints.

As with many zero gravity outdoor chairs the zero gravity claims are always going to be questioned. They simply do not elevate your legs as much as an indoor zero gravity chair can. This doesn’t mean they are useless though, as you will still feel very relived of the pressure from the back area.

From personal experience I have found raising my feet to any level is worthwhile and relaxing. And the zero gravity positioning on these chairs should be adequate for most.

Are there any other set of 2 Zero Gravity Chair packs that are better options?

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair Set Of 2 TanOne other notable set of 2 zero gravity chairs is the Belleze zero gravity chair 2 pack.

Overall the Belleze chairs have a higher overall rating but they do cost a little extra.

For the most part, comparisons between these two sets of zero gravity chairs are fairly similar, especially when it comes to quality and comfort. The Belleze chairs also have the same twist knob locking system.

The Belleze set of 2 chairs do have a claimed higher weight capacity of 330 lbs per chair and are available in the same colors as the Best Choice Products chairs.

One very minor difference is the accessories tables featured on the Belleze set. In our opinion the Best Choice Products trays are a little more useful overall.

You can compare and read more about the Belleze set of 2 zero gravity chairs here.


You simply cannot deny that paying around $34 for one standard sized zero gravity chair is not excellent value for money, even if the chair is only average.

The Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair 2 Pack is however, way above average and surpasses many expectations when it comes to quality and comfort.

Yes there may be potentially better sets of two zero gravity chair sets available, however there are none that are better for the price.

When it comes to comparing the quality to price ratio, you are unlikely to find a better outdoor zero gravity chair on the market. Making this set of 2 zero gravity chairs an excellent consideration!

You can view all of the color options of the Best Choice Products set of 2 zero gravity chairs here on our site! Or take a visit to the retailer here to check out some of the buyer reviews!

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