One of, if not the best cheap sets of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs available!

When browsing the web in search of an affordable set of two zero gravity chairs to buy, there are two choices that clearly stand out when looking for standard sized recliners.

The first of these options is the Belleze zero gravity chair 2 pack which we will be reviewing today. The other option is the slightly cheaper Best Choice Products set of 2 zero gravity chairs.

Belleze 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs - BurgundyOne of the main reasons both the Belleze and Best Choice Products chairs stand out from the crowd is due to their low prices and high popularity!

It is therefore a good idea to start of this review with a quick comparison of each of the brands zero gravity recliners.

As far as design and style is concerned both the Best Choice Products and Belleze set of 2 zero gravity chairs are fairly similar.

Although the Belleze set is available in more color and style options (for example you can buy sets with a table included or a set of 2 chairs with sun canopies attached, for a little extra cost)

Both brands of chair feature the same twist locking mechanism and come complete with the removable/adjustable headrest pillows and a pair of accessories tables.

Both chairs are also capable of multiple recline positioning.

The main difference between the two brands is the listed weight capacities of the zero gravity chairs in each set.

The Belleze zero gravity chairs are stated to be able to hold up to 300 – 330 lbs, whereas the Best Choice Products chairs are supposedly a little more flimsy due to their claimed 250 lbs weight capacity (although some say they can hold up to 300).

Both sets of chairs however have similar dimensions.

Another very minor difference is in the price, with the Best Choice Products chairs being around $10 cheaper on average.

When it comes to buyers ratings and reviews the Belleze zero gravity chair 2 pack has less reviews than the Best Choice set, however they are slightly better rated!

You can read our review of the set of 2 Best Choice Product zero gravity chairs here!

Specifications and Features

  • Weight Capacity Per Chair: 300 – 330 lbs
  • Chair Dimensions (Fully Reclined): 65″(L) 
  • Chair Dimensions (Upright): 35.5″ x 25.6″ x 44.1″
  • Chair Dimensions (Folded): 37.4″ x 25.6″ x 5.9″
  • Item Weight: 38 lbs (Approx 19 lbs per chair)
  • Padded adjustable and removable headrest (can also be used for lumbar support)
  • Detachable accessories tray included, 2 x drink holder slots
  • Multiple recline positioning from upright to zero gravity
  • Twist lock mechanism to hold into preferred recline position
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • UV resistant 600 D PVC mesh seat
  • Rubber non slip feet and rubber foot rest 

What’s good?

Belleze 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs - GrayMuch like the very similar Best Choice Products set of 2 zero gravity chairs, the main appeal of this Belleze 2 pack is the price.

At the time of writing, on average a set of 2 Belleze zero gravity chairs costs around $72, depending on the color you opt for it may be a little more or less than this.

Taking this average price into consideration, each chair averages around only $36 dollars each! This is an absolute bargain price for any zero gravity chair, especially one that has as good reviews as these Belleze chairs do!

In addition to the low price other notable benefits of opting for the Belleze zero gravity chairs are the high quality and the sturdy weight capacity.

For a fairly average/standard sized zero gravity chair, 300 lbs is a pretty good amount of weight to be able to hold. The manufacturer even claims the chairs can hold more than this, however it is probably a good idea not to go too far overboard!

With regards quality and comfort there are no complaints and many have had their expectations exceeded with this set of two zero gravity chairs.

Having owned similar zero gravity chairs to this I can also vouch for how sturdy and comfortable they are.

What could be improved?

Belleze 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs - Navy BlueThis review is already looking very similar to the Best Choice Products set of 2 zero gravity chair review.

Unfortunately the main issue with the Best Choice chairs is also present on this set of 2 chairs by Belleze.

The main issue being with the twist lock mechanism not being particularly effective for some, with complaints the locks gradually slip out of place.

As I have mentioned previously I have had zero gravity chairs with a twist lock mechanism in the past and I never found a problem. However, I rarely had need to use the twist locks as I always reclined fully.

If you are in need of an outdoor zero gravity chair that holds you in place when not fully reclined, you may wish to avoid this set of chairs.

On the other hand you may wish to risk it with this set since their price is so low and since only a few buyers seem to have this problem.

These chairs are also prone to rusting so make sure you pack them up during bad weather!

Other negative issues with this set of 2 zero gravity chairs appear to be due to the company and dispatch of the chairs, rather than the actual chairs.

Some have reported the chairs delivered damaged and some have even stated they received what appeared to be second hand goods. In these cases you expect a quick email to the company should sort things out, although it is obviously a major hassle when stuff like this happens.

Luckily it appears these problem don’t happen too often!

Are there any better sets of 2 zero gravity chairs available?

When it comes to ratings from buyers, these are generally considered the best set of 2 standard sized zero gravity chairs, however only by a very small margin!

There are a number of sets of 2 zero gravity chair packs available that have roughly the same amount of reviews, and generally the average rating is around 4 – 4.2 out of 5.

This makes buying a set of 2 zero gravity chairs a much of a muchness in many cases. Most have the same features, similar dimensions and many are in a similar price range.

One thing that sets these Belleze zero gravity chairs apart is the wide range of color options on offer, compared to other brands.

The other is that chairs from other brands appear to be able to hold less weight (usually around 250 – 275 lbs) when compared to the 300 – 330 lbs of these Belleze chairs.

If you are happy with a lesser weight capacity the Best Choice Products zero gravity chairs 2 pack, that has featured as a good comparison throughout this review are certainly worth a look. You can check out our review for them here!


Belleze 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs

In Summary

So, if you are looking for a pair of cheap zero gravity chairs are these the best on offer?

For the price we think so! You are unlikely to find better quality at this low price. Also as mentioned above, many of the other sets of 2 chairs are able to hold less weight, in theory making this set a more robust choice.

The added accessories trays are a nice addition, as is the option to buy the chairs with a added table or sun canopies for a little extra cost.

Visit the retailer here to view more color options available as well as read more buyer reviews. 

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