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  • Top rated zero gravity massage chair
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Full body massage
  • Adjustable to fit all body sizes
  • Complete zero gravity positioning
  • 6 easy to use preset massage functions
  • Manually programmable modes
  • 46 Air bags
  • Adjust where the rollers are moving
  • Adjust the type of massage you wish, including kneading, tapping, clapping and shiatsu style massages
  • Control the intensity and speed of the massage
  • Control the width of the rollers
  • Can be adjusted to only massage certain areas
  • Head massage unit
  • Feet massage
  • Pelvis and hip massage
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Heat therapy function
  • LED mood lighting
  • Editors Rating: 5 out of 5


A zero gravity massage chair from Osaki, available in 4 different colors these Osaki massage chairs provides the user with a full body massage in complete zero gravity positioning. The chair is one of the most advanced massage chair models around allowing the user to enjoy a full and strong deep tissue massage in the lower back, neck and the feet. Designed with a set of S-track movable intelligent massage robots allows for special focus on the neck, shoulder and lumbar massage according to body curve.

With 6 easy to use preset massage functions and 46 air bags, you can either use one of of the auto healthcare programs or adjust the chair manually using the built in remote control. The default massage setting of the chair puts the user in the zero gravity position, providing an efficient and stronger massage in a position designed to minimize stress put upon the spine by lifting your legs above your heart in a horizontal positioning, if you would like to learn more about the NASA developed zero gravity position please take a look here for a full guide.

You can also adjust the chair using the manual modes which allow you to adjust where the rollers are moving as well as the type of massage you wish, including kneading, tapping, clapping and shiatsu style massages. You are also able to control the intensity and speed of the massage as well as controlling the width of the rollers, either moving them closer together or further apart to perfectly conform to your body size, this is especially useful for adjusting the chair to fit your shoulders and arm areas.

Osaki OS-7075R Beige Zero Gravity S-Track Massage Chair


If a full body massage is not what you need and you would prefer to only focus on a certain area of your body, no problem! The chair can be adjusted to only massage certain areas such as just the head, shoulders, waist, hands, leg, foot or hip and waist! The chair’s airbags can target each of these areas individually at just the touch of a button.

The chair unlike many other zero gravity massage chairs comes complete with a head massage unit that slips effortlessly onto you head applying a gentle squeezing motion to your forehead, simulating the feeling of a masseuses palms softly pushing down, relieving any stress. It also features airbags at the front to massage your temple areas as well as providing a massage to your upper neck region a great solution for soothing away a headache or a stressful mood.

This Osaki model is an update of the previous model and now features roller that enables you to have a massage for the soles of your feet. Now with rollers built in to spin and compliment the air massage under the bridge of the feet. The chair also features a pelvis and hip massage designed to moderately flex and stretch the muscles around the lower body. The air bags align with the outer hips applying a soft twist of the hips while stretching out any tight muscles in the area.

Embedded in the armrest is a easy to use remote control that can be lifted easily into a vertical position for ease of visibility and control, it is here you can program the chair manually or simply use one of the massage presets all at the touch of a few buttons. The chair also features a heat therapy function in the lower back region as well as LED lighting on the side that changes colors as you are massaged giving perfect ambient mood lighting if you are in a darkened room.

Please note that this version of the chair is an updated version of the OS7000 massage chair, both chairs are identical in functionality and how they look however this chair now features the foot massage function for the soles of the feet where as the 7000 model does not.

You can take a look at the reviews for this massage chair in the next tab. Alternatively take a look at some other top rated zero gravity massage chairs here. 3 year factory warranty details can be found by visiting the retailer.

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Osaki Massage Chair


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