SPECIAL-2015-BEST-VALUED-MASSAGE-CHAIR-NEW-FULL-FEATURED-LUXURY-SHIATSU-CHAIR-BUILT-IN-HEAT-AND-TRUE-ZERO-GRAVITY-Positioning-Black-0-1A programmable chair with full zero gravity capability allowing you to set a massage for however long you would like, from 5 minutes to 30 you can have an interrupted massage whenever you want without having to adjust the remote control.

With a total of 14 types of massage combination the chair has 4 automatic programs. The activate mode provides a deeper & stronger massage, great for anyone who needs waking up a little. The Relaxation mode is exactly what it says, a more subtle massage for when you need to wind down and the Upper and Lower Back modes are perfect for when you need to focus in on a particular area of the back.

With an intelligent 3D detection the chair scans your exact body size and has 4 massage functions Shiatsu, Spinal Rolling (Back Stretch) & Kneading & Vibrating. You can massage the whole body with this chair, the shoulder, neck, the back, and the waist giving you full multi­functional automatic massages with different combined massaging methods. Each massage function has three ­level speed options.

Along with the auto modes there is a manual mode that allows you to take control and adjust the back rollers to position any point on you back or neck. You also have full control with the ability to adjust the type of massage, the width, speed, strength, airbags modes and vibrators.


This amazing chair comes with 6 simulating kneading balls which are located in the soles of the feet to add stronger and deeper massages to those daily tired areas, including your foot pressure points. The chair also has built in heat therapy.

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