The Best 2 Person Zero Gravity Loveseat Recliner Buying Guide

Do you like to relax with a loved one or friend on a loveseat style chair, but also desire zero gravity positioning?

With the increased manufacture of various types of zero gravity recliners for the outdoors, you can now recline in style on a zero gravity loveseat recliner, perfect for dual relaxation in the zero gravity position.

At first glance you will notice that there are not many outdoor zero gravity loveseat chairs available and unlike many of the standard sized outdoor gravity chairs you are fairly limited in options, especially when it comes to brand name and color choices.

If a zero gravity loveseat recliner is what you require, you can start by taking a look in the comparison table beneath this text, to quickly see what some of the better options available are.

In our best zero gravity loveseat recliner buyers guide you can also find a range of information that highlights all of the pro’s and con’s of opting for a zero gravity loveseat recliner over other outdoor zero gravity recliners.

At the bottom of the page you can take a look at our 2 person zero gravity chair reviews for each of the anti gravity love-seats listed in the comparison table. You can also click through to the retailer at anytime to view buyers FAQ’s and reviews.

Best Zero Gravity Loveseat Comparison Table

PictureNameWeight CapacityTypePriceRating
Bliss Hammocks 2 Person Gravity Free Recliner600 lbsZero Gravity Loveseat$$$4.8
Best Choice Products Huge 2 Person Gravity Chair, Tan,
Orange or Brown
450 lbsZero Gravity Loveseat$$4.5
Sundale Outdoor 2 Person Zero Gravity Chair, Orange450 lbsZero Gravity Loveseat$$4.5
Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair Loveseat, Beige500 lbsZero Gravity Loveseat$$4
Coral Coast Zero Gravity Loveseat, Beige or Terra Cotta550 lbsZero Gravity Loveseat$$4

Things to Consider when searching for the Best Zero Gravity Loveseat

As with many outdoor zero gravity chairs for the patio, the important things to consider are the weight capacity, the chair or seat width and the comfort provided.

When it comes to the weight capacity of a zero gravity love-seat you need to be aware that the weight capacities can vary a bit.

You will also need to have some idea of the combined weight of you and the person who will be sharing the recliner with you.

This will ensure the chair can accommodate you both simultaneously without any problems.

As a quick overview you can see in the table above how much weight each of the best zero gravity loveseats can hold, you will also notice that all of the two person anti gravity recliners listed here are able to hold 450 lbs or more.

Generally you are unlikely to find a zero gravity loveseat that is able to hold more than 600 lbs.

If you feel this is too lower weight capacity for you and your partner or friend. A set of 2 oversized gravity recliners may be a better option to consider, as some single XL gravity recliners can hold up to 350 lbs each.

Just like the weight capacity, the width of the chair will also need to be double the size of a regular chair in order to fit two people simultaneously.

On average zero gravity loveseat recliners tend to measure around 45 inches in width from the outer armrest to armrest and most have a seating width area of around 40 inches.

Much like the weight capacity, if you think this will not be wide enough for you and a friend/partner a better more suitable option may be a pair of extra large, extra wide zero gravity recliners.

A good way to check before deciding on a purchase is to get a tape measure and compare 40 inches against your body width, as this should provide a good insight as to how much extra spacing you will have when you are sharing a 2 person zero gravity recliner with a friend or loved one.

When it comes to features, the best zero gravity loveseats all tend to be fairly similar and all will come with a double head pillow that is often removable and adjustable. Some will also come with dual accessory tables that can be attached at each end on the chairs frame.

Double zero gravity chairs also all feature locking mechanisms to allow for numerous recline positions and they are able to fold down flat for transportation and storage.

If you are planning on transporting your gravity loveseat recliner do be aware that they are fairly heavy and bulky, especially when compared to single person anti gravity recliners.

An anti gravity loveseat usually weighs in excess of 32 lbs, so be sure to check the weight of the chair if you are looking for the lightest available should this be important to you.

If you are looking for the most comfortable zero gravity loveseat take a look at our anti gravity chair reviews at the bottom of the page and also have a look at the buyer reviews on visiting the retailer.

You will often be able to quickly find out whether the comfort provided is excellent or if it could be improved by reading the opinions of others in their reviews.

Our best zero gravity chair reviews below will also highlight any other advantages or problems each chair has when compared to similar products.

What makes a good Two Person Zero Gravity Loveseat Chair?

Due to the lack of options available when searching for the best zero gravity loveseat there really isn’t a great deal that separates most of the highly rated loveseat gravity chairs.

Aside from looking at the weight capacities and seating width, another aspect that can make one zero gravity loveseat recliner better than the others, is the quality of the material used and how resistant the chairs frame is to rust.

When looking for an anti gravity recliner loveseat that is of a high quality it is often a good choice to opt for a chair with a number of above average buyer reviews such as the Best Choice Products loveseat (pictured).

Outdoor recliners with more buyer reviews will have a lot of comments on the construction of the chair and the fabric of the seat and are also more likely to have a number of FAQ’s from consumers who are also considering a purchase.

The weight of the chair is also a fairly important aspect, if you want to keep your chair in good condition, then you should probably not leave the chair outdoors all year round.

A chair that can be easily carried by hand by one or two people is going to be far easier to store and maintain than a chair that is too heavy for you to lift.

Make sure you have suitable indoor or undercover storage space available as well as an extra person on standby to help when it comes to folding up the chair and carrying it for storage during the wetter months.

What Kind of Problems do Outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs for 2 have?

An outdoor zero gravity loveseat will have fairly similar issues that may be encountered when buying a single person outdoor zero gravity chair.

As addressed above, the frame on some outdoor gravity chairs is not always very resistant to rust, even when there is a powder coat finish.

You can help keep your recliners frame in better condition by storing it undercover during the bad weather to avoid deterioration.

The extra weight and bulk of a loveseat means they are not the most portable of outdoor gravity chairs. This makes the zero gravity loveseat chair a little harder to store and carry indoors during the winter months so you may need a helping hand on occasion.

If you are planning on transporting a zero gravity loveseat on vacation you may encounter problems if your vehicle is on the smaller side and a set of 2 gravity recliners may be a better option.

Another reason a set of 2 zero gravity chairs may be a more preferable option to some, is that on a loveseat recliner you do not have armrests on each side of your body.

While some may not find this a problem it is worth taking into consideration, especially if you tend to use both the armrests when seated in other types of chairs.

If you are fairly particular about how far back you recline it is also worth considering if a no gravity loveseat is the right choice for you. When sharing a double width zero gravity chair with someone, you do have to be a lot more considerate than when using a single person gravity recliner.

With regards weight capacity, chairs such as the Bliss Hammocks loveseat (600 lbs, pictured) and the Coral Coast zero gravity loveseat recliner (550 lbs) currently have the highest. If you feel these weight capacities may be too small for you and your partner, a more suitable option would probably be to buy two single XL zero gravity chairs that generally have a weight capacity of around 330 lbs or 350 lbs.

It is very unlikely you will find a antigravity recliner loveseat that is able to hold more than 600 lbs on the market at present.

What are the Price Ranges for a Two Person Zero Gravity Chair?

It is rare that will find a zero gravity lovechair for under $100. Most zero gravity loveseat recliners cost between $100 and $200 and you are unlikely to need to pay more than $250 to get one of the best zero gravity loveseats.

What do our Zero Gravity Chair Reviews say?

Bliss Hammocks 2 Person Gravity Free Recliner

If strength and durability is what you need then the Bliss Hammocks zero gravity loveseat chair boasts the highest weight capacity of all of the top 0 gravity loveseats listed here. The large 600 lbs weight capacity and 45 inch width from outer armrest to armrest make this a very sturdy gravity chair for 2.

The stylish gravity loveseat recliner from Bliss comes in a good looking brown jacquard coloration and comes complete with 2 accessory trays with cup holders that can be attached at each side of the chair.

Please note that the cup holders will add additional width to the recliner and are not included in the 45″ width measurement.

The Bliss Hammocks double gravity recliner is a fairly portable double zero gravity chair to consider and weighs around 2 lbs more than some of the lighter loveseat recliners at 34 lbs, the overall product dimensions measure 60″ H x 45″ W x 30″ D.

One minor downside is that the Bliss Hammocks gravity loveseat is a little more pricey than some of the other options available, however many feel this is one of the best zero gravity loveseat recliners available.

Visit Retailer to view buyer reviews and FAQ’s for the Bliss Hammocks 2 person zero gravity chair

  • $$$
  • Supports up to 600 lbs
  • Chair Weight: 34 lbs
  • Chair Width: 45 inches (outer armrest to armrest)
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Sundale Outdoor 2 Person Zero Gravity Chair

Although the 450 lbs weight capacity may be considered a little flimsy for some, many tend to find that the Sundale Outdoor two person zero gravity recliner is very sturdy and well made. The 2 person zero gravity loveseat recliner provides excellent supportive comfort and comes complete with a pair of accessories tables that each feature a cup holder and a slot for books or a mobile device.

In addition to the low weight capacity another minor issue is perhaps the weight of the recliner, weighing 39 lbs it is one of the more heavy double zero gravity chairs around and may be a little less portable for some. These issues however have not put many buyers off and many consider this anti gravity loveseat to be a very good investment.

Fully Reclined Size: 70” L x 45.3” W x 44” H.

Visit Retailer to view buyer reviews and FAQ’s for the Sundale Outdoor double zero gravity chair

  • $$
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Chair Weight: 39 lbs
  • Chair Width: 45.3 ” (outer armrest to armrest)
  • Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Choice Products Huge 2 Person Gravity Recliner

In our option this is one of, if not the best zero gravity loveseat to consider due to it’s low price and popularity. As with the Sundale Outdoors chair above, the 450 lb weight capacity could be a little better although many complement the Best Choice Products 2 person gravity recliner for it’s durability and good quality.

As far as portability goes, the Best Choice Products chair isn’t a bad choice, weighing around 34 lbs the chair can be folded down to around 10 inches flat.

If you are looking to buy in confidence then the Best Choice Products double zero gravity chair is probably one of the best choices available since you can view a range of buyer reviews and FAQ’s before deciding on a purchase and get a better range of opinions than on many of the other anti gravity loveseats on the market.

If you are looking for comfort in your two person gravity recliner then this chair is a very good option to consider and is also very good value for money.

Visit Retailer to view buyer reviews and FAQ’s for the Best Choice Products zero gravity loveseat chair

Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair Loveseat

When compared to the Best Choice Products loveseat the Caravan Sports 2 person gravity chair is able to hold a little extra weight and weighs a little less so it may be a more advantageous purchase for some.

Caravan Canopy are a brand well known for their comfortable zero gravity recliners that feature a smooth recline function and locking system, their loveseat gravity chair is a nice addition to their range and a double chair that most should find provides excellent comfort.

When it comes to popularity Caravan Canopy outdoor recliners are always fairly well received and are considered a good choice of zero gravity chair by many.

Visit Retailer to view buyer reviews and FAQ’s for the Caravan Sports loveseat zero gravity chair

  • $$
  • Supports up to 500 lbs
  • Chair Weight: 32 lbs
  • Rating: 4 out of 5

Coral Coast Beige Zero Gravity Loveseat

Available in Beige or Terra Cotta the Coral Coast gravity loveseat has a very strong weight capacity of 550 lbs and often costs a little less than the Bliss Hammocks loveseat with a similar 600 lbs weight capacity.

Although the high weight capacity is a good selling point a very minor detail to point out is that the Coral Coast two person loveseat is a little narrower than some of the other zero gravity loveseat recliners although only by a couple of inches.

Overall if you are looking for  sturdy and well designed double zero gravity loveseat recliner then the Coral Coast chair is a worthwhile consideration, especially if you are after a stylish looking zero gravity loveseat that stands out a little more than some of the more low priced options available.

Visit Retailer to view color options, buyer reviews and FAQ’s for the Coral Coast Zero Gravity Loveseat

  • $$
  • Supports up to 550 lbs
  • Chair Weight: 32 lbs
  • Chair Width: 43″ 
  • Available in Beige or Terra Cotta
  • Rating: 4 out of 5


Although it is a shame there are not more zero gravity loveseat recliners available, it does mean that the few that are available are of a fairly high quality and manufactured by trusted brand names within the industry.

In our opinion the selection above are the best zero gravity loveseat recliners currently on the market in 2017 and hopefully from this small selection, you can find the best zero gravity loveseat to suit you and a partner.